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supportFacemask Information

This is yourMisfitMasks are made here in the UK. Although it would be a lot cheaper if were to manufacture our masks in other countries, we believe in supporting British jobs and the economy. answer.

MisfitMasks are made of 3 individual layers.

The Corona/Covid19 virus can't move through the air by itself. Instead it "catches a ride" on droplets from a cough, sneeze - even your breathing. Even if you don't have symptons, the virus can be transmitted from person to person very easily. Unless you wear a mask.
Wearing a mask makes it much harder for those droplets to travel far enough to infect other people. In fact, according to Science News, wearing a mask can reduce virus particles by up to 80%. Another study, this time by the American Institute of Physics shows that an uncovered cough has its droplets travel an average distance of 8 feet whilst wearing a mask can reduce it to a mere 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters).

Crucially though, it is now the law in a lot of countries to wear a mask in the shops, on public transport and even whilst merely walking down the street. Most airlines insist you wear a mask and won't let you fly unless you do.

For a really great understanding with lots of data on why masks are so beneficial to stopping the spread take a look at this.

MisfitMasks are not medical-grade Facemasks such as the type typically described as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). That means that buying a MisfitMask does not take away from the priority stock for medical and emergency personel. Our Facemasks may still provide a high-degree of protection from the spread of Corona/Covid19 thanks to their design of the highly technical 3D foam spacer material that prevents and disrupts the movement of airborne particles.

Our masks are specifically designed to solve the number one problem all other facemasks have - misting, steaming or fogging. Hundreds of hours were spent designing the physical structure of the mask and selecting the right combination of fabrics to greatly reduce your glasses clouding up. The results speak for themselves!

All our masks are in stock and ship from our UK warehouse.

supportCare Instructions

MISFITMASKS are fully washable and reusable. You can wash them up to 50 times. We always recommend a very light handwash with just a touch of detergent. Let the mask soak for a time if you can always air dry never tumble dry!

Ummmmm is this even a serious question? But yes - yes you can! You'll look good, your face will be cool and you'll be helping out humanity. #winwin

supportPayment Information

We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Credit Card, Paypal, Amazon and Shopify payments. Hopes and prayers are - alas - not accepted.

Alas we cannot accept your firstborn in lieu of payment.

Our payments system is provided by some of the world's largest payment providers and is PCI-compliant, using HTTPS. So yes!

supportReturns Information

Unfortunately we are unable to accept any returns of MisfitMasks except where there is a manufacturing fault. As you can imagine, safety and hygiene is our top priority.

Feel free to reach out via our Contact page or email and one of our jolly helpers will do their utmost to respond quickly and efficiently.


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