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one large size

The mask does indeed prevent steam of specs. but i find it very difficult to manage because the one size is huge.

This mask really works

This mask does all they claim and completely prevents my glasses from misting / steaming up


An excellent and very comfortable fit, and no steamed-up glasses. Thank you.

Does what it says on the packet

I bought 2 of these masks. In order for your glasses not to steam up you have to squeeze the nose piece tight.
Only criticism is that it is a bit expensive for what it is.

Great mask but needs to be different colours or just one colour.

Finally I can wear my glasses with a mask!

I’m really pleased with my mask. It works a treat. I can now wear my glasses with a mask, without having to constantly take them off to clear the steam. I would recommend Misfit masks to any glasses wearer.

It Works!!

Probably just like you, I too have we tried several
Masks that the makers claimed would allow me to wear my glasses without them steaming up.

This mask is the ONLY one that I have found actually works.

Try this mask if you wear glasses

Brilliant the only mask I have ever been able to wear without my glasses steaming up while driving. I have spent a lot of money on masks that claim your glasses will not steam up but they do. If you wear glasses try this mask I would highly recommend.

Brilliant, does what it says it does ..... worth the investment although much more expensive than others. I can now play bowls more easily again and volunteer in a local school

Not a bad try.

Getting the fit is a bit awkward, the mask feels a bit loose at the mouth area
But It’s quite good at stopping the glasses from misting up, though not perfect.

no problem

these masks do what it says on the tin , i have had no problems with
my glasses steaming up since wearing them, and would recommend
them without hesitation.

Misfit Review

Do you mean what were my objectives at the beginning? - I didn't have any objections. Justification for the investment was steamed up glasses. The results are promising although there was no precise advice on how to fir the mask (and spectacles) Time lag between ordering a mask and receipt of same was short. I suppose anyone could benefit from the product if they don't want steamed up specs

It works, best yet!

Only worn it a couple of times , comfortable and my glasses don’t steam up

Great mak

Does what it says

No Fog

Just fantastic, not walking around with misted up spectacle lenses and being a danger to myself - brilliant product, well done and thank you.

Does what it does

I think it works with glasses? It’s better than most. The designs are a little conservative and neutral which isn’t exactly much fun but hey if they protect you for this airborne virus then who cares how dull the designs are.
Would I recommend them? Yes, they’re comfortable and work…

Does what it says on the adverts!

Purchased because the original ones we bought worked and it’s always best to have spares handy.


Although this took a long time to arrive and was beginning to wonder if it was genuine, it did arrive and I can honestly say, as a wearer of glasses, that this is the first mask that does not steam up my glasses, and I have tried many different ones. Thank you MisfitsMask.

Mis leading

I am fairly pleased with the masks, expensive though and took ages to arrive

Really do work

Bought two facemasks one for myself and one for my husband. Did wonder if they would really work. However they are great. No more steaming up of glasses and a bonus is my husband finds the ear loops better . He wears 2 hearing aids and the material of loops is better. They did take few weeks to arrive but with covid and postal delays Was to be expected. Ordered two more and been telling everyone how good they are

Very good masks

Masks that don't steam up glasses are rare - but these do just as they claim. In addition the ear loops are soft and adjustable, so more comfortable. Very god value. Highly recommended.

Best masks ever for glasses wearers! Wish I had found them earlier!

I haven’t received it yet.


No steamed up glasses fantastic

Fog free

At last a mask that doesn’t steam your specs up! Even going from frosty outside into the supermarket it doesn’t steam them. It was a bit fiddly getting a perfect fit around my nose, but once done goodbye to fogging glasses!