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It have taken some time to get to me .post delay But now I have the two masks that I ordered there great no steaming Oo the joy I have been struggling to see with the cheap ones . I know that you don’t have to wear one now. But I am because I love these masks good do

Black Ninja Mask

This mask is easy to adjust both around the nose and ears. It’s comfortable and doesn’t steam my glasses up. It also looks good. Well worth the money and highly recommended.

Does what it says on the tin!

This mask hasn’t steamed up my glasses and it is the only one that I’ve found that doesn’t so I’m happy 😊

Finally Mist Free

Slightly costly, but thought it would be worth it as I have to wear a mask at work and also need to wear reading glasses.
the mask solved the steaming up problem very well, with the two moulded bands across the nose piece which after a bit of shaping made the mask very close fitting.
Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

great mask

I was sceptical to start with but I was sick of the other masks that claim to stop the steaming up in all situations but fail miserably. So, I took a punt on this mask and am really glad I did. it works like a charm. There is still a little steaming up when there is a massive temperature difference from outside to inside....but we are talking seconds before it clears up. I would give it 5 stars.....but ....I have a massive head and the mask looks a little small on my face. It still works, but I would prefer if they made a slightly larger version.

MisfitMask to the Rescue

I've tried all manner of masks...for a wide range of prices and including some very nice, comfortable, vented ones (which sadly are not allowed on many airlines!?).
The PROBLEM for those of us who wear glasses is well known: they FOG FOG FOG!!!. I have tried anti-fog wipes (don't really work do they!?).

So when I saw an advert for the MisfitMask it was a 'needs must' decision to sample the product. Result? One word: da-BOMB! It is well constructed, light-weight, soft on the face, easily adjusted and and and REALLY doesn't fog. Why .... ah...that's the secret technology of the product.....but is all in the way the mask conforms to your face and nose bridge yet doesn't try to completely seal off your nose and mouth, rather it gently encloses them in a protective covering...firmly...but without feeling like a face plaster! experience has been great and I want to order a few more in different colours when they are available. Well done to the company and I strongly recommend the product. Gregg Egen in Highgatel, London.

Happy customer

I now have four Misfit masks and I am very happy with performance, appearance and fit. They really do prevent my glasses steaming up.


Excellent mask, does what it says

Woo hoo

They do what it claims

Works perfectly!

I'm wearing mine all the time now, even with the legal restrictions ending. Gets a little sweaty at times, but keeps your glasses clear.


Great masks .well recommend

Great mist free mask

Best mask I have used. No misting of my spectacles even in the “cold” isle in the supermarket!

At last a mask that does not make my glasses steam up


Only mask that doesn’t steam up my specs.

Actually works

I have bought many masks over the last 18 months, mainly in search for just 1 that doesn’t steam up my glasses. Up until now, I’ve not found one but I can honestly say that when I stumbled across your one it 100% works and doesn’t steam up my glasses.
TRULY AMAZING! Hence the fact I straight away bought 2 more instantly.
Perhaps a little thick & heavy compared to others but who cares if it does the job!
Get 1 folks, you certainly won’t be disappointed in your purchase!

Excellent mask

Really pleased with such a comfortable mask!

Comfortable, breathable, and fog-free

Bought my mask for a recent 5-hour train journey, knowing a regular mask would drive me round the bend on a long journey. Couldn't be happier with the results.

No 1 Mask

I've got 4 of these masks, the best I have tried for anti fogging. Work really well, might be a bit pricey but worth it👍👍👍👍

Mist not missed

The mask does the job of no other I've tried, keeping the mist off my glasses. It is bulkier than most but it's worth It to be able to see where I'm going inside shops etc.

No mist 😊

Only masks I have found that don't mist your glasses. Not the cheapest but worth it.
Only issue I have is I wear varfocal glasses so vision goes a bit fuzzy momentary until my eyes adjust.


Bought these masks didn't know what to expect. They way outweighed my expectations. Absolutely brilliant. Buy these you won't regret it. They do what it says on the tin. I will say again BRILLIANT.

Ninja Facemasks

Although not a hundred percent better, the Facemasks by Misfit are definitely better than the paper Medical Masks for not steaming up Contact Lens. At least I am now not looking through a fog, although at times my lens are still slightly steamed up.

What a relief.... no misting up!