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MisfitMask - the facemask that won't steam up your glasses.

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MisfitMask - the facemask that won't steam up your glasses.

Especially designed for people with glasses, MisfitMask is the only facemask that stops your glasses misting up - so you can see whatever it is you're doing.

Our unique facemask design ensures the MisfitMask fits to your face properly with no pesky gaps that lets air steam up your glasses.

Designed and manufactured in the UK to support British Jobs, our highly-specialisedĀ fabrics are incredibly light and soft. Used by Special Forces worldwide with ultra-absorbent properties makes MisfitMask the only facemask that keeps your glasses clear.

Dimensions: 18cm wide by 14cm long.

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Customer Reviews

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Best yet

I have never found a mask that didnā€™t steam my glasses but the misfit is the best yet. It makes a great difference when shopping to be able to read labels.

Sheila Anderson
they do what they say on the box

I've ordered 5 now, over several months. Although I felt that they were expensive I was desperately in need of a mask that stopped steaming up my glasses . They work in most environments and I've recommended them to lots of people. They get a bit tatty after lots of (gentle) handwashes but on the whole I'm happy.

Sue Blything-Smith
Fab company to deal with

Mask, whilst not eliminating steamed up glasses entirely is certainly better than others. It was very comfortable.But what a delightful team of people to deal with, loved the correspondence.

Martin Rowley
All Great

All good with the mask. Arrived within a few days and the mask does exactly what I needed, glasses are finally clear of fogging

Dillan Gandhi
Worth the investment

I have tried dozens of different masks over the past two years, and this one achieves two things important to me: it doesnā€™t fog up my glasses AND it is lightweight and easy to breath through. They also look well made. Definitely worth the price.



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